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The Complete Guide to Buying a House in New York City

Welcome to the consideration of homeownership. Congratulations on this momentous occasion. We applaud your ambition. Buying a house in New York City can be a daunting task. Navigating the complexities of New York Real estate requires an attentive agent with extensive experience and knowledge operating within the specific parameters presented. Wielding such a significant investment […]

The Process of Selling Your House for Cash

Smart investors recognize that every investment has an appropriate duration. Recognizing the time to cash in on an investment separates the successful. Allowing the investment to mature past its prime can be very detrimental to your return on investment rate.   Real Estate Agents in New York Trusted Property Advisors is home to an exceptional […]

Should you sell your home without a real estate agent?

Selling your home without hiring a real estate agent could mean thousands of dollars back in your pocket, which sounds tempting, especially as housing prices rise. But is it the best move? There are many websites that allow you to skip the listing agent and offer your home as “for sale by owner” — or […]

5 First-Time Home Buyer Mistakes

Thinking about buying your first home? Before you can unlock the door to home ownership, you have to take some important first steps. From finding the perfect location to financing your purchase, shopping for your first home has challenges that go beyond curb appeal and interior features. Some of the important steps to home ownership […]

Help Buyers Better Navigate Foreclosure and Short Sale Transactions

Every buyer wants a great deal, and many continue to show an interest in purchasing a foreclosure or short sale, with the understanding that buying a house for under market value will likely provide instant equity. As real estate professionals, it’s imperative that we set expectations from the beginning and help buyers understand the complexities […]

Should I Sell My House? How to Tell If the Time Is Right

No matter how many fond memories you’ve accumulated in your home, there may come a time when you start wondering: Should I sell my place? Maybe it’s because your local real estate market is booming and you stand to score a sweet payout. Maybe you’re relocating. Or your expanding family has outgrown your space. Or you’re […]

Mortgage Rates Rise

Several key mortgage rates inched up today. The biggest news was the meteoric rise in borrowing costs for fixed-rate 30-year mortgages, but it’s also worth noting that 15-year fixed rates surprisingly moved in the opposite direction. On the variable-mortgage side, the average rate on 5/1 ARMs also notched higher. Rates for mortgages are in a […]

Why Your Home Isn’t Selling

The frustration many homeowners face when listing a property is wondering why their house isn’t selling. As your home’s owner you can possibly be overlooking downfalls of your property that potential buyers pick up on. Many new homebuyers have a keener eye than you think and your home’s downfalls may be very apparent to them, […]

Pricing Your Property

The price you choose to list your property at is a large determining factor in how quickly and easily you will sell your home. For your home to sell, its price must meet two needs. The first is the buyer’s needs and the second is your needs. You must give pricing your home careful consideration. […]

What Counts As A Good Real Estate Deal And How To List Your Property Accordingly

Whether you’re saving a little extra on gifts or you’re buying airline tickets, we all like to know that we’re saving a little bit of money. Yet, when it comes to real estate the savings can come in the form of $1,000s so it’s important to know what really counts as a “good deal”. Both […]